Book Reviews

Book Reviews

I am always fascinated by books and have been an avid reader myself for decades. Journey of bibliophile started with reading books which were in my home during one summer vacation which now has reached a point where I can boast about my decent personal book collection.

When I started my blog; Adi’s Journal; writing about books was kind of a natural course. Over the years I have developed my own style of reviewing books and I post those reviews on my blog, my social media accounts, Amazon, Goodreads and Google books. Genres I usually cover are fiction, YA, crime and thriller, travel and non-fiction. However, your book may entice me to pick it up. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for an honest review.

Review Ratings

My ratings are divided into 5 Stars where
★ – Read it on your own risk
★★ – Read if you like particular author, or genre
★★★ – You wont regret reading this once
★★★★ – You should really consider reading this
★★★★★ – If you are missing this book, I am judging you

Criterias Considered

  • Overall storyline
  • Character development
  • Cover design
  • Storytelling styles
  • Book editing